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5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020

Most popular boys names 2020

Have you ever experienced someone telling you their name, only to have a wave of disbelief wash over you? Then you're forced to ask again incredulously? It's embarrassing for all parties involved, though the name bearer is probably a lot more used to this sort of situation. Giving your child one of these worst baby boy names is sure to become a thorn in that child's side.

From schoolyard bullying to neutered job prospects. Sure there's always the option to file some paperwork and get a name change (in most countries at least), but some parents might feel that is an affront to the ingenious worst name that baby boy has been rocking for decades. Not to mention that it's quite a pain for everyone to get used to using a brand new name for someone that they've known for many years.

In our previous article, we looked at some of the worst baby girl names in 2020. Well, we show no bias and now it is time for the boys to get the same treatment. Whether your child's name stinks or not... Their feet should not. Try our grape shoe deodorizer powder and grape foot deodorizer spray. In addition, our classic bubblegum shoe deodorizer powder and bubblegum foot deodorizer spray are also available. Even if they have one of the worst baby boy names, at least their feet will still be safe from ridicule.

5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020 crying kid

5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020


Names ending in 'z' seem really cool on paper, but in execution? They leave a lot to be desired. I remember a point in my preteen years that I wished I had been named Blaze. Thankfully my mother had the good sense to pull the plug on that before it started to gain steam. If your baby boy manages to become a fashion icon the name might be perfect, but there isn't a whole lot else that I can imagine it being especially suited towards.

Stylez might have been spawned due to the popularity of Harry Styles. Harry isn't a particularly appealing name to me, but turning the last name of that moniker into a first name that some poor child is going to need to use daily? That's just cruel. It isn't the worst name on this list, but it definitely serves to outline a name that seems awesome the first time around. Until you're forced to live with it every day and the reality slowly but surely sets in.

5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020 moody kid


Where do I start with this one? It's basically two words that mean the same thing. What would you think if you met a person named Doctorphysician? I'd imagine it'd be pretty cool if that person was actually a doctor, but what if this hypothetical person was a taxi driver? It would probably make you question everything that you thought you knew about existence.

Kingmessiah will in all likelihood never become either of those things. Kings aren't made in the current century. He might be a messiah, but if you see a modern messiah all you really hope is that his last name isn't Jonestown. Most of us imagine that our children will grow to greatness, but a name like Kingmessiah might be setting the bar just a tad too high.

5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020 stinkface lad


Speaking of death cults, the name Manson is actually rolling around these days. Granted 50 years is probably long enough for many of Charles' psychopathic actions to have faded from the public consciousness, but I can't imagine why anyone would want to keep that memory alive. If this is the kind of name you'd pick, what would you name his brothers? Dahmer and Gacy?

Honestly, ignorance to pick one of these worst baby boy names in 2020. If you're unsure about the meaning of a name, it takes all of twenty seconds to head to Google and perform a quick search. Can you guess what the most common results are when you search for "Manson" with no other qualifiers? Coming up with the correct answer probably won't take much introspection.

5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020 tantrum lad


If you speak even a tiny bit of Spanish, you very likely know what 'pinche' means. It's not a nice word to say the least. Well, this is the pluralized form of that word... Which technically shouldn't have a plural in the first place. So not only does it offend in the classical sense, it will also offend based solely on the terrible grammar that is implied! If that's what you're looking for in a kid's name, maybe just don't have kids?

What if they mean the plural form of the English word, pinch? While slightly more acceptable, I really don't see what the goal here is. It might be funny while grandma pinches his cheeks, but that's a very small window of time to base a person's entire name around. Maybe they're big fans of The Simpsons and the episode featuring Mr. Pinchy? In that case it'd be a last name, so the parents should change their last name and join their baby boy in lifelong suffering.

5 Worst Baby Boy Names In 2020 crying lad


Out of all the worst baby names for both girls and boys that I looked at, this one tops the list by far. Save the worst for last I suppose. Looking at the name you might assume that the child in question was fathered by a serpent, or is at the very least a parselmouth that can speak to snakes. Could you even begin to guess how this one is pronounced? Take a minute to really think it over.

Are you ready for the big reveal? The name is pronounced 'Forest'. Get it? Because there are four S's? Upon learning about the existence of this name, I physically recoiled. There are certain things that I wish I could unlearn immediately upon learning of their existence. While 'Forest' doesn't exactly top the entire list, it is certainly up there with some of the worst baby boy names ever.

Final Thoughts

All this to say, just because your child doesn't have a cool name, that doesn't mean they shouldn't have some cool shoelaces! Check out our no tie curly neon shoelaces and curly pastel shoelaces. At the very least they should put anywhere from 5-10 points back on the cool meter.

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