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Silly Feet Magic Shoe Deodorizer Powder
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Silly Feet Magic Shoe Deodorizer Powder

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  • ELIMINATES FUNKY SHOE ODOR: Even the stinkiest smelliest most offensive odors from kid's funky stinky sweaty smelly shoes are no match for our Magic Shoe Powder! Our potent shoe smell eliminator is a proprietary blend of nature’s most effective mineral based deodorizers that stops smells and odors at the source. Our safe and superior formula fully neutralizes and deodorizes stinky kids shoes leaving behind a super fun bubble gum scent. Gross and embarrassing shoe odor be gone!
  • EFFECTIVELY DEODORIZES DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOTWEAR: This fast-acting powder starts absorbing smell on contact to deodorize your kid’s everyday sneakers dress shoe heels sandals pumps boots and more. Simply sprinkle in shoes when not wearing them to remove the lingering foul foot and body odors from sweating and perspiration. Its strong enough to works as a treatment associated with heavily used athletic shoes - running soccer cleats tennis hiking and ice hockey skates or sneaker.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS & EFFECTIVE ON A VARIETY OF MATERIALS: Our shoe freshener is safe on leather suede canvas nylon cotton mesh rubber patent leather fabric and synthetic materials. Offensive embarrassing odor can happen anywhere - keep a bottle of our foot deodorant powder in your car or home to keep your childrens shoes smelling great. This maximum strength shoe deodorizer eliminates foul smells and leaves a bubble gum scent. We stand behind our products with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

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