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How Can You Determine Height From Your Kids Feet?

How Can You Determine Height From Your Kids Feet

Have you ever tried to predict how tall your kids will be once they're finished growing? If you know then you can probably predict the future and that's great, but if you don't... Well, it can be a puzzling scenario. How can you determine height from your kid's feet? There is, in fact, an equation that you can use in order to get a very rough estimate, but it really is just an estimate. It might be a better idea to compare the genetics that they received rather than the shoe size that they happen to wear.

It seems to me like teenagers are getting larger with every passing generation, and the data seems to back that up as fact. Chart your kid's progress on a child height chart and see for yourself. You can use these height equations to extrapolate what height your child might achieve, but a lot of imagination and fudging of numbers might be required. I've seen guys almost 7 feet tall with a size 14 shoe, and that is way off the mark. Regardless of accuracy, perhaps you can have some fun determining height from your kid's feet.

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How Can You Determine Height From Your Kids Feet

The Height Equation

Shoe size is a terrible way to measure the final height of your kids, but there is somewhat of a correlation between the two. Like I stated, the accuracy of this method leaves a ton to be desired but it's much better than a straight guess. The formula is slightly different between the two genders, so depending on your kid's chromosomes you'll know which height equation will get you marginally closer to the actual answer.

The formula for boys is as follows: Current height in centimeters equals 5.3 times shoe size plus 133.

The formula for girls is: Current height in centimeters equals 4.5 times shoe size plus 140.

There is also a quick estimate if you can't remember the exact numbers that you need to multiply and add.

The quick estimate equation is: Doubling shoe size and adding 50. Wow, that's a lot easier!

Once you've done that math, the much simpler task of converting into inches should be a snap. Simply divide your answer by 2.54 and BAM! You've just estimated the height of your child via their shoes.

Puberty Growth Spurt

Now, you'll probably be shocked at how explosive growth can be for your little ones once those hormones kick in and puberty begins its ceaseless march of changing your baby into an angsty teenager. Each year of adolescent puberty can tack on 3-5 inches of height! You can add those numbers up and compare it to the previous equation to get somewhat closer to a decent estimate.

There is no way to accurately know what your child's height will be when all is said and done, but that's perfectly fine. Once puberty rears its head you'll probably be concentrated on averting the daily drama and disasters that seem to mysteriously appear during the teenage years, which leaves very little time for determining height from your kid's feet.

How Can You Determine Height From Your Kids Feet

The Leg Bones Connected To The... Leg Bone...

Slightly more accurate (but still nowhere near reliable) is measuring the leg bones of your little one. The fibula in the lower leg and femur in the upper leg have growth plates that allow these gigantic bones to get even longer. You can't see these growth plates but measuring the leg gives some indication towards your child's ultimate height. These massive bones will grow until around age 17 when the growth plates fuse shut and stop allowing growth to happen.

Other Variables

Of course, there are plenty of variables that can't be accounted for in this equation... Or any of our other equations for that matter. Gender, hormones, genes, overall health and nutrition can all shift the final height of your child in a big way. It's not really something that can be manipulated much. If you're hoping for a certain height then the truth is that only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

I am not a huge fan of this method. To me it doesn't truly matter how tall or short my kids end up. I'll love then no matter what. If we are being frank I'd really like for my son to reach 6 feet or more, and my daughter to not reach 6 feet but it's not really something that can be helped. Love you kids for being them, no matter their height. Expectations are the mother of disappointment after all.

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