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At What Age Do Children's Feet Stop Growing?

What age will my kids feet growing

Growing feet can be a real pain. Taking a trip to the shoe store every other month or so is not only inconvenient, but it can also cause monetary issues. I know that it did for me with two growing kids in the house. Depending on the tastes of your child or yourself, you might discover that some shoes can be extremely expensive.

How many pairs of shoes do I need to buy each year? When will the financial burden of endlessly growing feet finally lighten up? At what age do children's feet stop growing? Well, the bad news is that it will take quite a while. Exactly how long? Read on and let's talk all about those endlessly enlarging tootsies.

But first, ensure that those brand new shoes are tied tight and smell right! We can make them smell awesome with our bubble gum scented shoe deodorizing powder, and keep those shoes held tight even without needing to stop and tie them every few minutes with cool and curly no-tie shoelaces!

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When Will My Kid's Feet Stop Growing?

The biggest changes in growing feet come within the first 3 years of life. On average, a child's foot will grow around 9 sizes in this time. You should be measuring the foot at least once a month to keep an eye on when they will need a new pair of shoes.

The age when your child's feet will stop growing largely depends on their gender. By the age of 10, boys will have finished about 80% of their foot growth and girls will have completed 90%. By age 14 the growing of a young girl's feet is generally done, boys will finish up at around age 16.

While this certainly comes as a relief, you'll still want to stay attentive to your kid's shoes and ensure that they are fitting properly and not worn out in any way.

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Why Are Well-Fitting Shoes Important?

In a lot of Silly Feet blogs I talk about the damage that can be done to growing feet if proper sizing isn't observed, but today I will take it a step further and go into a bit more detail. We'll start with what might be an obvious statement, and that is that your feet are the foundation for the rest of your body.

These foundations are comprised of 26 bones in adults, but as a baby they are mostly made of cartilage and won't finish fusing together until around age two. An improperly fitted shoe can cause deformity in the growth and fusion of these extremely important bones.

Doctors argue that most pain and foot issues experienced during adulthood stem from childhood. This might mean a traumatic event, but it's much more likely that ill-fitting shoes are the cause. This is a much slower that is far easier to prevent, so take the simple steps to keep your kid's feet safe!

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Shoes Too Small?

While its much more likely that you'll find yourself with shoes that are too small, some parents might try to circumvent the next round of shoe purchases by springing for shoes that are too large. It seems like a quick and easy shortcut, but it can cause an equal amount of harm.

Shoes that are too small will hinder growth of the foot and might cause deformity, but they will also decrease circulation to the feet and can squeeze tight enough to cause ingrown toenails. If you have a child with diabetes especially, these problems can add up into a life-threatening medical issue.

Shoes Too Large?

Blisters can occur whether the shoe is too small or too large, but much more often when the shoes are larger than they should be. Chafing is commonly found on the back of the heel and in other spots due to the shoe being too large to hold tight onto the foot. These can really hurt!

Shoes that are too large also can't grip properly because of the little foot sliding around inside of it. This can easily lead to tripping, which can start another laundry list of issues. Nobody likes to see their kids beef it, and if we have to take another trip to the shoe store to care for those quickly growing kids feet? Then so be it.

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Final Word on Children's Growing Feet

Kids safety socks are a great idea. They not only prevent twisted ankles, but can allow your child's feet to breathe. Kid's feet sweat 2 to 3 times more than adult feet, so it's more important than most people realize to keep them well-ventilated and properly taken care of.

I'll say it again, always try to keep your child's feet well-maintained. Understand that it's something they can't control, and it's probably almost as frustrating for them as it can be for a new parent. I know we didn't budget for this with my first child and it led to a few loans just so we could keep shoes on our kid's feet.

A small price to pay for well-developed feet that will carry our eldest throughout her life. I vaguely remember how awkward I was when my feet were growing their fastest, and my mother's infinite patience with our endless trips to the shoe store... My son has my feet. He's two years old and wears shoes labeled for a four year old, so I've been channeling my mother's patience.

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