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What Makes a Shoe Smell? How to Stop Stinky Feet!

What Makes a Shoe Smell? How to Stop Stinky Feet

Do you have stinky feet? Do your shoes smell? It's OK, you can tell me. I will keep your secrets. The truth is we've all experienced an occasional shoe smell. So what exactly makes a shoe smell? If we can uncover the root cause of stinky feet then we might be able to rid ourselves of the problem forever!

Well the truth is scientists already know the root cause of shoe smell and stinky feet, and there isn't much that can be done to completely stop it. There are plenty of steps that we can take to counteract stinky feet, and these are the sorts of inglorious preventative measures we will be exploring in this article.

Shoe smell and stinky feet are caused by sweat. One foot contains over 250,000 sweat glands, and when you lock all those perspiring little pores into a confined space like a shoe? Well, the results can be downright gross. Shoe smell effects almost every household, but You can fight back and we are going to show you how.

Something like a simple odor-fighting insole can work wonders when it comes to fighting shoe smell and stinky feet.

What Makes a Shoe Smell? How to Stop Stinky Feet! dirty feet

Keep Your Feet Clean

Now, I'm going to assume that most people don't have any problem doing this one. We all shower fairly regularly and even then might end up with stinky feet. Sometimes a simple wash might not be enough to prevent the bacteria from recolonizing your feet, and in these cases an epsom salt or apple cider vinegar soak does wonders.

In addition to showering and soaking, it is very important to make sure your feet are completely dry before stuffing them back into a pair of socks or shoes. If you suffer from shoe smell, give special attention to your feet when drying off from a bath or shower. A bit of bathwater left between the toes can really accelerate stinky feet in a big way.

Changing your socks is probably not worthy of being mentioned, but changing your shoes is something that everyone should do. I don't see it happen often, as people usually have a favorite pair of shoes that get used daily. Simply giving your stinky shoes a break of just one day can vastly reduce shoe smell and stinky feet.

What Makes a Shoe Smell? How to Stop Stinky Feet! foot soak

Fight Against Sweat

If you've followed our first step and still suffer from stinky feet then your shoe smell might be caused by excessive sweating. You aren't actually fighting sweat, you're fighting the legions of bacteria that thrive in sweat. There are a couple of common household items can be combined to create a few bacteria-fighting super-weapons.

Sticking your shoes into the freezer might seem crazy, but when placed inside a sealed bag to prevent excess moisture from finding its way into your shoes it is a surprisingly effective deterrent to shoe smell. Bacteria can't handle extreme temperatures, and this solution is much safer than shoving shoes into the oven.

If you don't have an entire night to freeze your shoes, the next best solution might be to battle bacteria with baking soda. Dumping a teaspoon directly into your shoes works but leaves quite a mess so try wrapping it with a coffee filter. You might also consider using a baking soda deodorant stick and applying it to your shoes and feet.

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Deodorize It Up!

There are so many deodorizing options out there to combat shoe smell. You can shove baking soda or charcoal in your shoes. I've heard of people sticking bars of soap in their shoes. There is no solution that is too off the wall when it comes to eliminating this nuisance.

If you still find yourself losing the battle against bacteria and ending up with stubborn shoe smell it might be time to deodorize. While charcoal and baking soda have some deodorizing properties, I've found that essential oils and/or mineral powders are much longer lasting and far more effective than any other alternative.

There are not many deodorizing agents that can battle against the powerful stench of really deeply set shoe smell, but I have discovered that these two do the job nicely! We should probably break down each of the advantages and disadvantages of the two best types of deodorizing options.

What Makes a Shoe Smell? How to Stop Stinky Feet! socks

Deodorizing: Mineral Powder

Now, while both of these products work wonders they do so in slightly different fashion. Mineral powder doesn't last like essential oil, but if left to sit it can destroy shoe smell like nothing else. It is also a powder, which means no additional moisture. That's always a bonus since moisture is your biggest enemy.

In particular I'd recommend giving Silly Feet's Magic Shoe Deodorizer Powder a try. The scent is pleasing without being overpowering. Your shoes will stay dry and odor will be obliterated in no time at all. It is safe to use on every shoe material and will knock shoe smell for an absolute loop. Mineral powder is some magic stuff!

Deodorizing: Essential Oils

While mineral powder is amazing, essential oils are equally effective and should not be discounted when it comes to deodorizing your shoe smell. Essential oils do add a slight amount of moisture but it is pulled away in fairly short order. The benefit of essential oil is how long it lasts. The oil will soak itself into the shoe and stick!

We also offer Silly Feet's Shoe Deodorizer Foot Spray to cover everyone's preferences. Our foot spray will eliminate shoe smell with oils of sassafras, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. If you are tired of being embarrassed by shoe smell and stinky feet, don't hesitate to try out our product specifically designed to deodorize and help you feel confident that stinky feet are a problem of the past.

Shoe Smell Conclusion

So there it is... Everything you never wanted to know about your shoe smell and stinky feet. You can definitely win the battle against stubborn shoe smell, and I hope that you've found a solution that works for you. It feels so good to walk with confidence that nobody is going to be catching a whiff of something unseemly.

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