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SILLY FEET Infomercial Review! KIDS SHOES! Have kids you need these! [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Have you ever been running outside and, all of a sudden, the worst happens? Your shoe comes untied and your trip and you fall and it's so painful? Or have you ever been riding your bicycle and, all of a sudden, the worst happens? Your shoe comes untied and it gets stuck in your chain and it's so hazardous?

I'm always tripping over my shoelaces.
I know. It's so frustrating.
Dallas, doesn't that make you frustrated?
I feel a little silly.
Yeah. I would, too, if my shoes smell like that.
I wish there was a magic spray to make my shoe smell better.
It should have some no-tie laces with funky fun colors.
Yeah, that sounds super awesome.

I heard of these two girls, Lennon and Elle, from My Silly Feet. They have a really cool website. Yeah, I think they have all the answers to our problems.
I heard you guys talking about sillyfeet.com. Let's go check it out.

Wow. They have some really cool stuff.
Let's get these two packs of crazy laces.
Hey, they've got some spray that won't make my shoes stink.
Yeah, I told you about that bubblegum foot spray.
No way. They have reflective shoelaces? Let's get those, too. Let's put our order in.
But don't forget your discount code.
Oh my gosh, girls, I think our order is here from Silly Feet. Let's go check them out.
Our order is here. Let's check out what's inside.
This is the Silly Feet crazy lace, neon color.
Boy, those are some funky fresh colors.
Yeah, we'll have to try these out.
We got another pack of these in pastel colors. Let's open these up.
Now I don't have to worry about tripping over my shoelaces.
These won't get stuck in my bicycle chain.
I just had to try these out so we can be more easily seen. Wow. I didn't know that they had stickers.
Thanks, Lennon. Thanks, Elle. [inaudible 00:02:28] surprise.
Wow, these are super reflective.
Everybody will be able to see my laces at night.
Hey, girls, come put your shoes away. They stink.
Don't worry, Dad. We got this spray.
Yeah, it's bubblegum spray, so all my shoes are going to smell fabulous.
Yes, non-smelly shoes. Whoo.
Here's your [inaudible 00:02:58] of our shoes stinking.

Thank you sillyfeet.com. Thank you Lennon and Elle.

Thank you to sillyfeet.com our kids can now run, skip, and do cartwheels without even falling. They can ride their bikes safely now without having their shoelace get stuck in their chain. And best of all, they can be seen so easily while walking Dallas during the nighttime. I mean, just look how cool those laces are. Thank you sillyfeet.com.

Look at our shoelaces. These are super cool for walking Dallas. Thank you for watching Little C Family.

Click on the link below to see the Amazon link to sillyfeet.com. Thank you all for watching. We'll see you next time on the Little C Family. Don't forget your discount code for sillyfeet.com.

I wish there was a silly... I wish there was a...
I wish...
Nope, Dallas. Nope, Dallas. Come here, Dallas.
She's [inaudible 00:04:04].
Turn around.
[inaudible 00:04:07] around.
These shoes smell so much better.
Oh, I'm so glad these shoes don't stink.
Yes, non-smelly shoes. Whoo.

Thank you everybody so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe and like and share out. We'll see you next time on Little C Family.

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