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How Long Should A Kid's Jumprope Be?

What is the correct length for a kids jump rope

Ah, the kid's jump-rope. A playground classic that still entertains millions of children around the world. We've compiled all the information that we possibly can about jump-ropes, and are here to offer it to you on a silver platter. We will look at different types of rope, the multiple uses, and of course the length of kid's jump-ropes in addition to adult sized jump-ropes.

But first, allow me a minute to remind you that shoelaces can be a big problem when jumping rope. You'll want to make sure that they are tied at all times, or you can do one better and try out our fantastic no tie curly shoelaces! Never worry about those shoestrings bouncing around and trying to trip you up during a jump rope playtime ever again.

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Length Sizing Guide

If your child is under 4 feet tall, you'll want a rope that is around 6 feet long.

From 4 foot to 4'9" a jump rope of 7 feet is completely sufficient.

From 4'10" to 5'3" you should look for something around 8 feet.

From 5'4" until 5'11" is the range for 9 foot jump-ropes.

From 6 feet tall until 6'6" you'll required a 10 foot jumping rope.

Anything beyond 6'7" will generally require an 11 foot jump-rope.

You can easily adjust the size of most jump-ropes by adding knots that will hold the handle further up the rope. It might be a good idea to get a larger sized kid's jump-rope and tie it so that it's a bit shorter rather than buying a new jump rope every couple of years.

Obviously the process of making a kid's jump-rope longer is much more difficult than making it shorter, but it is possible. You'll need a bit of extra rope to tie into the handles. Preferably one rope on each side, so if you need to add a foot simply add 6 inches of rope to keep your rope looking even.

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Benefits of Jumping Rope

Childhood obesity is a worldwide epidemic, but it is a real problem particularly in America. Jumping rope is absolutely amazing to add to a work out. Jumping rope at a moderate pace can be roughly compared to running at an 8 minute mile pace, and it's a lot more fun.

Not only is it fun and functional, it actually engages more muscle groups than other running-alternatives like swimming or rowing while still qualifying as a low-impact workout. It can burn calories, strengthen your heart, and increase bone mass... But that's not all!

How about hand-eye coordination? This is the main reason that I've purchased a beaded kids jump-rope. Hand-eye coordination will help in every aspect of a person's life, no matter how sporty they actually are. My little one can't quite manage it yet, but my daughter whips that thing around like she's training to take on a heavyweight title fight.

After a long workout or playtime, ensure that your shoes aren't bearing the brunt of your labors by giving them a quick squirt of shoe deodorizer foot spray before letting them sit.

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Jump-Rope Materials

There are three types of jump rope materials that are commonly used, and I'd like to cover each of them briefly:

Beaded Jump-Ropes:

These are the kind of rope you'll find on the vast majority of school playgrounds. Why might that be? Well, aside from being more durable than cloth jump ropes they offer an auditory input to the speed of jumping. Each time the rope hits the ground the beads emit a clack which really helps jumpers to find the rhythm.

Cloth Jumping Ropes:

Perhaps the least popular kind of jump rope, but they definitely still have their uses. They are lighter than alternatives and offer a nice wide arc without much effort, their lighter nature also means it won't hurt nearly as badly when you miss a jump. Lastly, these ropes don't bounce off the floor. The lack of bounce along with the lighter nature means that cloth jump ropes are seen quite often in competitions.

Vinyl / Speed Ropes:

Whenever you see Rocky Balboa jumping a rope with lightning speed, it is one of these speed ropes. Speed ropes consist of a thin nylon cord that can be turned shockingly fast. People who have never used a speed rope might be intimidated, but once you find the rhythm it can make up one of the most fun parts of your workout routine. Even kids can used speed ropes, though it might take a bit longer to learn due to a lack of audible feedback. Still, children's brains soak up new information like a sponge and the same goes when they're using vinyl kids' jump-ropes.

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Types of Handle

 The types of handles featured on jumpropes is all over the place. Foam, plastic, wood, or even no handle at all! The material doesn't matter, what really counts is the size and shape of the handle. Ensure that your chosen jump-rope's handles are able to be comfortably held for extended periods. Handles that are too large will end up flying out of little hands and whipping others, while handles that are too small or absent will lead to hands quickly cramping.

Teaching Kids to Jump Rope

My two year old is quite young to learn jump rope, but that won't stop me from trying. What is there to lose? Lay the rope out and hop over it forwards and backwards. If they manage that they're on a good course. Let your child practice the arm movements next, and then hand them a rope and see how it goes! Start slowly, be encouraging, and learn some of those classic jumprope songs to make it even more fun. Eventually your children will master advanced techniques like jump rope double unders. Establishing a love of jump rope will guarantee great long term health benefits.

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