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Dylan Tries Out My Silly Feet Crazy Laces! Review and How to Use Lennon and Elle's No-tie Shoelaces [VIDEO]


How do no tie curly shoe laces work

Video Transcription

Hi, Dylan.
Guess what.
I got an email from a company called Silly Feet, and they asked if you would want to try out some of their awesome things that they have. Do you want to take a look at what they sent you? Okay, here you go. So this is a bubble gum shoe spray so that you don't have stinky feet. And this is Crazy Laces Neon, which are great because it's a way that you don't have to tie your shoe laces. It's shoe laces that you don't have to tie. So should we get some shoes and try them out?
Okay. Let's do it. Let's open it up.

No Tie Shoe Laces in Neon Colors

What do you think of the box? I think it's super cute.
Yeah. It's all like, I spot popcorn.
Popcorn, yeah. What else is on there? There's UFOs and stars and donuts.
Yeah. And diamonds.
Really, really fun packaging.
Oh my goodness.
Whoa. Is that your favorite color?
Yes, and-
Let's see. Oh, neon orange and neon green? Those are super, super cool.
Yeah, another neon green.
Another neon green. Wow, I like how they're very stretchy.
Black one.
Ooh, a black and a pink one.
Look. Oh-
Ooh, they're very stretchy.
I want to just. I'm five, not four anymore.
That's right, you're five now because you had a birthday. You're not four anymore. But you still don't know how to tie shoe laces, so this'll be perfect for you, right?
Daddy got out some of your sneakers that have shoe laces.
We're going to try them out. Whoa, what's this?
And they have white. And gray.
You got stickers.
That's cool.
That's so cool. And you also got this product, which you spray-
In your sneakers, and you let it sit overnight so that they're not stinky in the morning. Awesome, right?
My socks are stinky.
Your socks get stinky, I know. And sometimes your sneakers are a little pee-ew. But this stuff is going to help that, right?
All right. Let's see how we put these in your sneakers. They're super stretchy.
Now, look how much.
I know. I love that.
That's like a-
They're kind of fun to play with, huh?
Yeah. Look. Look what I just did. So they're like this. You can just do, whoop, like that.
Oh, you can sort of attach them?
Yeah, see. You can make a square, even. See, I had two.
You made an L. So put two more together to make a square, and then we'll put them on your sneakers. But Dylan's just having fun playing with them.
You're going to tuck that one in?
Another one now. Another one. Put that one there. There. Kind of in. This one right in there.
You did it. You made a square.
Very cool.
Now look. Then you can just do this.
And take them right back out.
All right. Let's get them in your sneakers.
Okay, Dylan, so the way it's going to work is, you get to pick, out of all these different colors, two that you want to put on your sneakers. So here's your sneakers. We took the laces off so everybody can see. So now, I mean, orange would match, but you could do whatever you want. So what color do you want to put?
Green? Why?
Because it's my favorite color. I say geen.
No, no. How's the right way to say green?
Good job. Okay, so we're going to show how easy it is to put these in your sneakers, okay?
So Dylan picked the green one, so Daddy's going to help.
Come pull. Help me pull. You pull that one. I'll pull this one.
So you just put one in each little hole, and then you just pull them.
Keep pulling. Let me try to make them even. Hold on, buddy. Pull. Sometimes they get stuck. Let me see this one. Let go for a second, buddy. Let go for a second.
Then they just pull right through. Now we are up to the last one. Look how cool that looks. Do you like the way it looks?
Yeah, but I can do all that.
Done, and that was just one of these does an entire shoe. Look how cool that looks.
That looks so cool.
That looks awesome. I like the way the green looks with the orange. All right, now Daddy's going to do the other one.
If they had yellow, which they do, it looks like a noodle.
It does look like a noodle, right? It looks like a pasta noodle.
They're soft and super stretchy.
Yeah, look.
All right. Daddy's trying to finish this one, and then we can get them on your feet, show how easy they are to put on, okay? Okay, they are done, and they look awesome.
I know.
Ready to put them on?
All right. Let's see. Let's see if you can do it by yourself.
I got five.
You are five now.
Yeah. It's really-
Yeah, pull the little tongue.
Yeah, I know.
That's funny that it's called a tongue.
That is funny that it's called a tongue.
Yeah. Okay, now do the other one. Good job. Look how good those look on you, and you did that all by yourself. What a big boy.
I am, because I'm five.
Yeah. Five now, yeah, Dylan. It's very exciting. He had a birthday this week.
At Chuck E. Cheese.
Right. Whoa. Don't fall.
I know.
You almost got it on.
And in a couple days, I'm going to the trampoline park.
You are going to go to the trampoline park, yeah. And these would be super easy to take on and off at the trampoline park. We don't have to worry about tying them.
Hold the back of it. There you go. You got it?
Awesome. Let me see how they look. Whoa. Look at you. You look great. How do they feel?
Nice and tight? Oh, you can dance in them. Oh, and you can floss in them. Whoa. Great job. Those are awesome. You know what we forgot, though?
We forgot to spray them. So take them off.
Let's get rid of the stinky smell. Let's spray them.
Oh, are they stinky?
Yeah, yeah.
All right. We better spray them. So take off the cap. Now let's see what flavor it is.
Bubble gum.
Bubble gum. Dylan loves bubble gum flavor. You can smell it already?
Okay, so spray it down in there. You need some help? Here. I don't think you can hold it upside-down. Here. Ready?
Oh, can I do?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Try another one. Here, you got to hold it. Yep. Oh, I smell it already.
I know.
Let's smell.
It does smell like bubble gum.
It does, right?
Wow, you actually want to smell the shoe.
Let's do the other one. Get another one down in there, another spray down in there.
It's yummy.
I just want to put it in my mouth, but I can't.
No, you definitely can't put this in your mouth.
But it does smell really good, right?
Yeah, it smells good.
Smells good. All right. So we're going to let that dry a little bit, and then we'll put them on. Awesome.
Thank you, Silly Feet.
Thank you, Silly Feet. This is a great thing to get, right?
And do you remember what their website is? Mysillyfeet.com. Can you say that?
Definitely check it out. Thanks, guys. Say, "Have a great day."
Have a great day.

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