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Combine a Roller Skate and Shoe and You Get the Hottest Trend: Kids Shoes with Wheels

The Hottest Trend: Kids Shoes with Wheels

This is more than a fad! I can recall almost 15 years ago when the craze of roller-shoes took over my junior high. Unfortunately, my family wasn't as well off as those of my classmates but I did pine for those shoes. I was filled with a deep-seated need for at least 2 months, which in kid time is practically forever.

No matter how long they've been around, the fact is that kids shoes with wheels are here to stay. Christmas is just around the corner and it might not be a bad idea to snag a pair for the kiddos. Once they're teenagers they might not enjoy them as much, so take the opportunity while it's still here!

Nothing is more fun during the holidays than watching the children's faces light up and outshine the Christmas tree. I would pay any price for that, and kids shoes with wheels are exceptionally inexpensive. If you really want to be inclusive, kids shoes with wheels can be bought in sizes that are clearly not for kids.

If you are happy with the shoes you have, or simply want to amplify the experience of your children receiving a set of kids shoes with wheels Silly Feet has a wide range of deodizers, laces, shoehorns, and more. All in fun colors that your kids will go wild for!

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A Bonding Experience

If you don't subscribe to the social contract, feel free to break free of adult expectations by wheeling around with your kids. You might get looks from your peers that have let their inner child die unapologetically, but you'd do well to just let that type of unneeded judgement just roll off your back.

When I'm out rolling with my babies I'm not concerned with what anyone else thinks, because I don't do it for them. My kids definitely adore that I'm willing to get down to their level in a way that most other adults wouldn't dream of daring to try. Whatever, their loss in my opinion.

Often when I'm partying in the streets with the family I'll notice other parents giving me awkward glances, but then I look to their kids and see that they secretly wish their parents were willing to cut loose. I've never been one to stick close to convention, and I couldn't be more grateful to my own parents for helping me realize that I didn't need to meet anyone else's expectations.

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Safety Equipment

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that kids shoes with wheels waned in popularity for a while in around 2006. The reason for this decline was due to safety concerns. Statistics honestly back up said worries, but with proper diligence you can easily avoid scrapes and bruises in addition to anything more serious.

 I have multiple rules when it comes to kids shoes with wheels. My daughter once asked if she really had to wear her safety gear. A quick trip to YouTube was all the demonstration that was needed. After seeing a few people going full scorpion style the point was driven home permanently.

So, the bevy of safety gear that we use in our family includes helmets with chinguard, elbowpads, kneepads, and wristguards. Toss a mouthguard in if you want, you literally cannot go too far here. You can teach your kids to have fun stay as safe as possible.

If you can keep your kids from getting hurt, you should definitely do so. The parents wear the exact same gear as the little ones, because "do as I say and not as I do" makes for an absolutely terrible example. People might stare but like I mentioned earlier, you aren't there for them. It's all for the kiddos.

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Rules For More Safety

To ensure that the little ones aren't rolling around with their safety gear on they aren't allowed to wear those kids shoes with wheels as everyday shoes. They are kept out of reach until we are ready for a family outing. This way if something does happen mom and dad are close by to deal with the situation.

Even with all the gear and restricted use we don't like to go much faster than walking speed while wearing our shoes with wheels. You can certainly get some speed up, but there's no reason to set that example for my babies. We are trying to keep injuries to a minimum here!

Do I sometimes wear my shoes with wheels outside of family time? Heck yes, and I let myself get the lead out when going downhill too. Nothing wrong with that, because I'm about as grown as I'm going to get! That doesn't mean I'd even encourage my kids to take the same risks though.

The last point I can possibly make regarding safety is the laces. Depending on the style and brand your kids shoes with wheels may or may not have laces. If they do I'd highly recommend snagging a sets of Silly Feet's no-tie curly shoelaces. It keeps those laces up and out of the way, and improves safety a good deal.

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Final Word on Kids Shoes With Wheels

Obviously kids need to make their own mistakes, and you can't possibly protect them 100% of the time but if you do your best I can only applaud you. Different kids require different rules, some can probably handle kids shoes with wheels just fine while others just might not be cut out for them.

One of my nephews was notorious in our family for sneaking his shoes with wheels to school so he could roll around like the coolest of cats. That all came to a head the day he took a spill in the tiled hallway of the school and fractured his ulna. That was the end of those shoes for him.

Kids shoes with wheels are a huge amount of fun and make for a great Christmas gift that allows you to bond with your entire family, but as with most things they need to be used responsibly and come with a set of rules attached. This is especially important when children are first learning to use them. It's a lot harder to catch them on shoes with wheels than it is on a bicycle. Just remember to have fun and stay safe!

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