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6 Amazing Shoe-Fitting Life Hacks

Tips and tricks to get your shoes to fit better

Dragging your kids to the shoe store is generally not a great time. They don't ever seem to have a good time, and I'll be honest that it isn't exactly my favorite past time either. The quicker we can get in and out the better. Luckily due to my aversion I've uncovered 6 amazing shoe fitting life hacks for kids and adults that you can implement today. Once you give it a try and streamline the shoe fitting process to this degree there is no turning back!

Sweet Swollen Feet

This seems like a strange thing to say because nobody really wants to have swollen feet but when fitting shoes those swollen feet can become the biggest blessing. This shoe fitting life hack applies to both kids and adults. Wait until later in the day to determine how your chosen shoes will fit after a long day of work or play. Shoe shopping early in the morning can lead to accidentally purchasing shoes that don't have enough room for your foot to expand as the day goes on.

Stay Up To Date

It's extremely important to refit old shoes at regular intervals. It's a small investment to make now that can prevent myriad foot problems later in life. Your feet are the foundation of your body. Sticking with a shoe that is too small or too large for an extended period can have a serious detrimental effect on your spine. This is especially true when we're talking about the growing bones of a young child. Do not neglect new shoes. Your child's feet are growing, so ensure that they have at least one pair of shoes that fits properly.

6 Amazing Shoe-Fitting Life Hacks flower feet

Size Differences

Some kids have differently shaped or sized feet. There might not be enough of a difference to have much of an effect, but if one foot needs to come up or down half a size in order to fit comfortably then there is no shame in that. Measure each foot individually and make a note of the size as well as any size differences if you are unsure that someone will remember. If you're unsure how to take a foot measurement we can help! Read up All About the Brannock Device and become a master of this obscure measuring device. You can even buy your own Brannock device to ensure you always have an extremely precise measurement.

Trace Their Feet

You know what I do if kids don't want to go to the shoe store? I'll wait until later in the day when their feet are expanded, then I'll grab a bit of cardboard and trace their foot out. Good, now I can make a quick shopping trip without the hassle of trying to wrangle kids. You can stick this cardboard simulation-foot into as many shoes as you like without any whining that you've been there too long or that they don't like the Iron Man shoes because Captain America is better (which is objectively true, but not the point). You should be wary if your child has fat feet. My son has an interesting foot shape so this trick doesn't work. The arch of his foot is huge and the top of his foot comes up further than most... It gives off a Fred Flintstone vibe and is really adorable, but it does shoot this shoe-fitting life hack right in the foot so to speak.

6 Amazing Shoe-Fitting Life Hacks feet wrinkly

Shoelace Size Guide

An easy alternative to tracing feet and carrying around scraps of cardboard is to use a shoelace. This is my preferred method since it allows me to measure all of those odd dimensions of my kiddo's foot. Tie a knot near your child's heel and toe, or side to side if they have a longer foot... Or from top to bottom if your kid has an exceptionally tall foot. If you're worried about the social stigma of measuring a kid's shoes with a piece of string this might not be the hack for you, but I swear by it. Isn't it better than the stigma of dragging a screaming child through the middle of a shopping center? My kids aren't generally criers, this is mostly for ease and speed and oh boy does it work wonders. I've got it down to a science!

Silly feet's reflective kids shoelaces will do the job, but they're much better for actual use since the reflective strip that runs down the center of the lace can provide an added layer of safety while your little ones are out at night. Not to mention, they look amazing! No tie curly laces are also a very cool look that's a lot more festive. We have both neon and pastel colored sets so you can mix and match them into fashion accessories that your children can't do without!

Observe Movement

Now, kids are going to tell you that the shoe fits. They don't quite grasp the concept of 'I'll be wearing these daily for 6 months'. Their thinking is generally along the lines of 'I wanna go home or at least do something more fun, so yea. Fine. the shoes are great. Let's go.' You can certainly ask them how the shoes feel, but keep in mind that you very likely won't be getting the entire truth. You'll have to make your own determination, so get them walking and put the shoes to the test! Make a game of it and ask them to do some hopping or skipping so you can observe a wide range of movement. This shoe fitting life hack has saves me a return trip to the shoe store more times than I care to recount.

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